At Tim's Heavy Duty Truck Service / towing and repair we have been providing heavy duty towing services within a 50-mile radius of Pensacola, Florida, for the past 25 years and have developed reputation for our experience and good customer service. We deal with all large vehicles including RVs, big rigs, trucks, tractors and commercial trucks – the only type of vehicles we don’t tow are cars. We have the biggest wrecker truck in Pensacola and the only rotating truck in the area.

Our six wheel drive wrecker can go anywhere to recover and retrieve vehicles and we also offer offroad recovery. The cost of hooks varies depending on the weight of the vehicle. We are happy to serve the Naval Air Station based nearby. In fact we do every job that is asked of us, sometimes jobs other companies will not touch, and we operate a 24/7 business. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we guarantee to live up to our clients’ expectations.